•         QST’s technology focused on MEMS intelligent sensor business, design and production of high-quality sensor products, and to provide customers with the corresponding intelligent application programs and services. Companies rely on virtual IDM mode, based on domestic industrial chain to obtain high-speed growth. The main research and development products include: magnetic sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, composite devices and the  intelligent systems.

            The company has domestic excellent sensor chip technology team, has won the China Electronic Achievement Award 2014 Best Design Team award and 2016-year five great China Innovation IC design Company award. The team is headed by two national thousand-person program experts and a number of overseas study-abroad ph. D. In the fields of MEMS technology development, sensor and ASIC design, engineering and mass production package testing, intelligent algorithm and object-joint application software development.

            As one of the leading companies in the world to realize all the motion sensor technology in the same technology platform, the silicon core has mastered the circuit design, process production and encapsulation testing technology of all three motion sensors. The company also has a large number of related patent combinations throughout the process, chip design, intelligent algorithms and system software. Its self-developed CMOS highly integrated six-axis combination sensor (Triaxial accelerometer plus three-axis gyroscope) technology in the global advanced level; the company and obtained Honeywell company in the international leading AMR magnetometer technology authorization.

            Our Mission is committed to be on top of innovative in MEMS technology development and be will you all to sense the beautiful world together.


  •    At QST, You Connected to the World. Think out of the Box and You Will Have the World on Your Hand.



    ● MEMS Design Group:

            Gyroscopes Design

            Accelerometer Design

            Design Engineers


    ● MEMS Process Development Group:

            Process development 

    ● Test and Product Group:

            Product & ASIC test Engineers

            Finial test Engineers

            Wafer Probe

            Product test characterization

            Lab equipment and board development

            Package Engineers

    ● ASIC-Digital Design Group:

            Digital Design Engineers

            System Applications

    ● ASIC-Analog Design Group:

            Analog Design Engineers(4)

    ● Algorithm Group:

    "To apply, please submit your resume to hr.us@qstcorp.com "

  • "To apply, please submit your resume to hr.us@qstcorp.com "